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​How to distinguish the quality of Bopp tape


Bopp tape is a common thing in our daily life. When we buy sealing tape, we usually think that hand-felt adhesive tape is a good sealing tape. In fact, this is wrong. Because some of the dopant sealing tapes have very high initial adhesion without volatilization. Then, the next by Yongjia tape manufacturers to share, how to distinguish the good or bad of sealing tape?

How to distinguish the quality of sealing tape?

1. In fact, there are two criteria for distinguishing the quality of sealing tape: first, initial adhesion and second, retention, which are inversely proportional.

2. At present, most of the tapes on the market are mixed with impurities, so the thickness increases. In order to shield impurities, the tape is also mixed with colored powder, so the transparent tape appears yellow and light green, which is generally inferior.

3. Look at the thickness of tape paper tube. The thickness of standard paper tube is 3 mm. Looking at the diameter of paper tube, the standard diameter is 7.8 cm.

4. Smell the smell of tape. If it smells big or smells, it means the quality is not good.

5. Check whether there are bubbles on the surface of the tape. The quality of the tape film is very tight and there will be no bubbles. Of course, if the tape is newly manufactured, there may be a few bubbles.

6. The most important thing is to check the viscosity of the tape. There are many ways to check, you can use tape to seal the box, and then suddenly withdraw, the more the surface of the box can be peeled off, the better the stickiness. You can also pull a relatively long piece of tape, split in two, fold in the middle of the full fit, and then suddenly pull up, if the tape has not been pulled up or some of the tape breaks in the process of pulling up, indicating strong stickiness.

The above is how to distinguish the quality of sealing tape to share here, in addition to reminding that: because the poor quality tape mixed with a large number of impurities, so when the tape is rolled in strips, there is an imperceptible gap between the tapes, so the same number of meters will roll larger, thus masking consumption. Small businesses usually do not have their own technical strength, from BOPP film to glue are required to buy, so do everything possible to reduce costs, jerry-building. Therefore, we should pay attention to the selection of good manufacturers,Changzhou Yongjia Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd. is a good choice!




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